An evening of Chanting,

Mantra, Song and Poetry

Sunday, 3 February 2019

6.00pm - 7.30pm


(doors open at 5.30pm)

Raise your vibration and open to the wisdom of your heart with an evening sharing the Yoga of Sound. Heal yourself and free your inner voice through kirtan — call and response chanting, mantra and song. You don’t need a good voice, just your devotion and joy!


The word Kirtan literally means “Sing the name”, the name of the Divine, whoever or whatever your Divine may be, using universal mantras and songs.


Kirtan developed from the Bhakti Movement which started in South India around the 6th century, and spread gradually throughout the country. It is a form of meditation in action and focusses on connection, sharing, devotion and celebration.


We chant in the ancient and sacred language of Sanskrit, which goes back thousands years. We respect and embrace the sanctity of all present, regardless of the spiritual practices you may already have.


Chanting can help open us energetically and remove blockages — it is a kind of medicine for the soul. With so much emphasis in our world on physical health, our emotional health and the benefits of coming together can be ignored. This practice can help you re-connect with your inner voice, and bring about a true sense of peace and uplift. It is a sharing experience.


Kirtan is less about the sound of your voice and more about the intention of your devotion. The heart is central to it all, but it is a very personal experience. There’s no right or wrong way to feel, or sing. Devotion doesn’t have to be serious, so just open yourselves to having a good time.


All are welcome — no musical or singing experience needed. Bring a cushion or meditation cushion or blanket to sit on — or anything else that makes you comfortable… and a bottle of water in case you get thirsty!

Yoga House Wales

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