Yin and Yoga

Nidra Workshop





A monthly workshop

to nurture body and mind

Level : Accessible to All Levels

Monthly on a Sunday

Next : Sunday, 24 March 2019

4.00pm - 6.30pm



Yin Yoga is a deliciously gentle but deep practice in which floor-based postures are held for between 2–5 minutes. By slowing down and softening, we can enable stillness to arrive in the physical body. We learn to soften, let go and allow what is, with an attitude of kindness and acceptance.


Recognising the preciousness of this life, requires a real effort to slow down. Yin Yoga is beneficial and suitable for all levels of Yoga practitioners. Its deep, supported stretches and holds create a gentle traction and compression that work on the body’s “body stocking”, the myofascia — helping to encourage lengthening and strengthening of the deeper muscles and connective tissues. Flushing out toxins and releasing tension from tight areas such as hamstrings or lower back. Really good for runners or cyclists — it complements more dynamic activities.

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